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Graffiti - The walls of the houses in Pompeii are frequently covered with inscriptions: Not only was justice administered here, but it was also a focus for commercial business.

Pliny had been staying on the opposite side of the Bay of Naples, about 19 miles from the volcano. Map showing the location of Mount Vesuvius on the west coast of Italy. Early Christians were ostracised because they refused to take part in the worship of the Emperor.

Simplified plate tectonics cross-section Simplified plate tectonics cross-section showing how Mount Vesuvius is located above a subduction zone formed where the African plate descends beneath Italy.

Vesuvius from space Meanwhile on Mount Vesuvius broad sheets of fire and leaping flames blazed at several points, their bright glare emphasized by the darkness of night.

An ancient voice reaches out from the past to tell us of the disaster. Inhabitants of Pompeii included wealthy landowners, merchants and manufacturers, shopkeepers, artisans, and slaves.

My uncle decided to go down to the shore and investigate on the spot the possibility of any escape by sea, but he found the waves still wild and dangerous. Pliny died there in at the age of 52 or The Eumachia - Large building in the forum, dedicated to the goddess of harmony, Concordia Augusta.

Each courtyard has a flat wooden roof, supported b brick columns. The volcano spewed out a cloud of poisonous volcanic gas, stones and ash to a height of 21 miles, with molten rock and pumice thrown out at a rate of 1. Then he went to rest and certainly slept, for as he was a stout man his breathing was rather loud and heavy and could be heard by people coming and going outside his door.

Shrieks of the People In a second letter to Tacitus, Pliny describes what happened to him and to his mother during the second day of the disaster: Pliny the Younger's letters were discovered in the 16th century.

It was the area in which all commerce, economic and political activities took place. The elder Pliny was an official in the Roman Court, in charge of the fleet in the area of the Bay of Naples and a naturalist.

A thick layer of lava had also begun to harden, forming a plug in the crater. EtnaStromboli Mount Vesuvius: He was wakened, came out and joined Pomponianus and the rest of the household who had sat up all night. Ruins at the ancient city of Pompeii Brick columns stand among ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii.

The eruption had occurred only two months after the Emperor Titus had ascended to the throne. There are around three thousand electoral inscriptions in Pompeii and most of them can be dated to the city's final year of existence, given that it was customary to rub out the old inscriptions to make way for new ones.

Mount Vesuvius - Italy

The Forum The heart of the city was the forum, a large rectangular space surrounded by a double colonnade and a number of important public buildings. Plate Tectonic Setting Vesuvius is part of the Campanian volcanic arc, a line of volcanoes that formed over a subduction zone created by the convergence of the African and Eurasian plates.

Portrait of a young girl. Under Vesuvius, the lower part of the subducting slab has torn and detached from the upper part to form what is called a "slab window. We rose from time to time and shook them off, otherwise we should have been buried and crushed beneath their weight.

You know that the Doyles will use your letter to advertise the hotel in future. These excavations continue today and provide insight into life during the Roman Empire. Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano in Italy. Over the past thousand years, there have been multiple eruptions, most notably in 79 AD.

This lesson. On 24th August, however, Vesuvius could hold back no longer, and at about one o’clock in the afternoon, it erupted. The volcano spewed out a cloud of poisonous volcanic gas, stones and ash to a height of 21 miles, with molten rock and pumice thrown out at a rate of million tons per second.

A news report about the eruption at Pompeii which can be used as a writing model in Literacy or read and discussed in a Guided Reading session. Demonstrates newspaper features and includes Alan Peat's HANDS connectives and De:De sentences.

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Written in para /5(5). Mt. Vesuvius is the imposing feature and can be seen whilst in any point of both Pompeii and Herculaneum. Practice Tests for Igcse English as a Second Language Reading and Writing Book 1.

Primary Progression Test - Stage 6 English Paper 2. IGCSE English paper. This is an account of the disastrous eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, and what happened at that time to.

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Vesuvius igcse
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